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The Normalcy of Hate: A Critical Exploration of the ‘Everyday’ and ‘Mundane’ Reality of Transphobic Hate Crime


I, the undersigned, confirm that:

- I voluntarily agree to take part in this study

- I have read and understood the Information Sheet provided on the previous page which outlines the nature, purpose and likely duration of this study, and what I will be expected to do.

- I have been given contact details for the relevant person should I want to ask any questions about any aspect of this study, or make a complaint. 

- I understand that the information I provide in this survey will be used in the research study, and may also be used in further research by the same researcher after the study has ended. 

- I agree to anonymised quotations from this survey being used in the research, including in any publications as a result of this study. 

- I understand that all personal data relating to volunteers is held and processed in the strictest confidence, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). I agree that I will not seek to restrict the use of the results of the study on the understanding that my confidentiality is preserved.

- I understand that this research has received a favourable opinion from the Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University.

- I understand that I am free to withdraw from the study at any time before the 30th June 2017 without needing to justify my decision.

- I have been given adequate time to consider my participation.

- I confirm that I have read and understood the above and freely consent to participate in this study.